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5 Proven Fundraising Ideas For Your Nonprofit Group

5 Proven Fundraising Ideas For Your Nonprofit Group

Sometimes nonprofit groups get in a rut when it comes to fundraising ideas. One more baked goods sale and you may just scream. It is like they are walking in a desert of ideas, parched with a thirst to come up with something new. If that describes your nonprofit to a tee, here are some creative angles your nonprofit may decide to try.

5) Relaxation Can Lead To Raising Money

Who does not like a day at the spa? Women and Men love a day set aside to just relax and be pampered, with nary a care in sight. Nonprofits can angle that toward raising money by asking the local spa to allow you to hijack it for a day for a worthy cause. Or you can hire some massage therapy students and rent some massage beds for a couple of days at your nonprofit office. Either way, the idea would be to advertise several weeks in local newspapers, radio, and social media for the XXX Nonprofit Spa Day with proceeds going toward your raising money. Affordable prices for mini manicures, pedicures, and massages.

4) Celebrity Matchmaker-Date For One Night!

Since matchmaking shows are so popular on television these days, why not apply that to your nonprofit fundraising efforts. Contact local celebrities, unmarried TV anchormen or women, politicians, police officers, firemen, etc. Explain your nonprofit goals and how fundraising will help achieve them. Then advertise on social media, newspapers, radio stations, and television stations, to adequately get the word out. That evening have a bachelor and bachelorette auction of each local celeb to go out on a date for a night to the highest bidder. This type of fundraiser garners a lot of money plus loads of fun and laughter.

3) Eating Your Way To Fundraising Heaven

There are lots of ways to get to people’s wallets and purses via their stomachs. One idea is to have a cook-off. Some nonprofits have had a Chili Cook-off. This consists of people known for cooking mouth-watering chili for family and friends. Instead they can cook for the benefit of your nonprofit organization. People can pay a small portion to taste each contestant’s chili, and then everyone can give final votes for first, second, and third place. A certain dollar amount can be given per person in attendance for the final first place choice, then so much for second place, and then third place. If you can get great attendance, then it will be easy to raise a nice figure.

2) Street Carnivals Reap Cash Rewards

Anyone can tell you that hosting a street carnival fundraiser can reap huge benefits. There is something about these carnivals that make people happy. When they hear about it, whether via radio, television, or social media, or word of mouth, they will show up with their kids. Pricing the various booths is key to a successful day. Try to get your vendors to volunteer their time for a good cause. Examples include a clown to paint faces, a bounce house, dunk tank, games like spinning the Bottle, and raffling tickets. Don’t forget the importance of food vendors to sell food and drinks.

1) Social Networking Campaigns

Everyone knows how influential social media can be when it comes to improving awareness about a service or product. Nonprofit organizations are learning how to use them to their advantage also. Crowd-funding is where a business conducts a social networking campaign to create awareness of their mission. GoFundMe and Indiegogo are two such campaign vehicle Accounting Solutions being used to raise money for nonprofits.

No matter what idea you choose, fundraising can be fun. It does not have to be boring or standard. With a little creativity the sky is the limit as to how much your nonprofit can raise to fulfill its mission.

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